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What is Dip?

DIP is Pakistan’s first dedicated ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ platform that allows its customers to choose and buy from a wide range of products on interest free and affordable monthly installment plans.

How do I stand eligible for DIP?

You should be DIP’s partner customer and a DIP registered user to be eligible to buy products through DIP marketplace and other platforms available for DIP registered customers.

Do I need to get myself registered at before processing my online order?

Yes, it is important to register yourself with DIP by simply creating an account with us. This is required one time only. It will help in the following;

  1. To process your product booking on installment
  2. To keep you updated via SMS and email about important information including status of your requested product.
  3. To give you ease of tracking your order status.
Do I have a choice to buy a product on 0% markup or Interest Free?

Yes. All products and services offered on DIP platform are absolutely interest free with no hidden charges.

What is a maximum repayment period can I find on DIP?

If you feel you want to keep repayment plan as affordable as possible, then DIP has an option for you to select repayment plan for a period up to 12 months. So, you can choose any monthly repayment plan available that fits best as per your requirements.

Do I have to make a down payment or advance payment to book a product on installment?

No. DIP guarantees you will neither have to make a down payment nor will have to bear any charges to buy a product on DIP. However, your bank or institution may charge you for using their product or services that allow you to buy product from DIP platform as per their respective policies.

What is the total time required for my booking confirmation and who will inform me?

You will hear from us via email/SMS about your request confirmation within 05 working days. This covers the time frame required by your selected DIP partner institution to approve us for your case processing as well as from the vendor about product availability that you selected.  You can also track your case and product delivery status by simply logging on to DIP using User ID and Password you set.

In how many days will I get my product after DIP receives approval on my case?

Time to delivery may vary depending upon where the product to be delivered as well as time DIP vendor requires for product arrangement and shipment from their sources. Generally, in ideal situation, customer receive product within 05 working days.

Will I be eligible to buy products on installment from DIP in case if I don’t have a facility from any of the institutions partnering with DIP?

Yes. We can help you connect and submit your request for credit facility to the institution(s) you choose. You will be contacted on your provided contact numbers by DIP partner institution for the same. However, institutions have their own regulations and criteria for approvals and DIP does not guarantee for your request acceptance. You can provide your details on [email protected]

Can I cancel my product booking and what is the process?

Yes. You can post a request for product cancellation with DIP. In case you used DIP partner issued credit card for making a purchase on installment then your debited amount will be refunded to your credit card account as a reversal. It will take 10 – 15 working days to refund the amount charged through card acceptance gateway service provider. It is important to know that customer cannot process request for cancellation once the product is delivered. In case DIP introduces any other mode or process of payment to buy on installment will be communicated to the user on DIP website. You can reach to us on numbers given on DIP website or write to us for cancellation on [email protected].

Will I be refunded if I don’t get my product as per committed time period?

Yes. In case product you booked go out of stock and you do not wish to opt for any other proposed product option of same or other brand, DIP will initiate the process of refund and return the charged amount into the same credit card account which was used by you for making a payment.

Can I pay off my installments early?

You may check with your bank or institution policy if they may allow you to settle the outstanding amount before the maturity of repayment period. 

How can I get support from DIP?

Feel free to reach to us on whatsapp to get instant response during business hours. You can keep yourself updated and write to us at [email protected] and we will try get back as early as possible to assist on your concerns.

Who should I refer to in case of warranty claims and complaints?

All warranties and claims that you receive with the product will be the responsibility of a vendor/seller. However, DIP will endeavor to assist you in case you will find it difficult to establish contact with the relevant seller.

Is there any return policy? In case I don’t require a product?

Once the product delivered, goods cannot be returned or exchanged from DIP or its vendor.

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